Introducing the world's softest sweater that saves and gives Water.

After 17 months of researching, developing and testing, we proudly present the world’s first sweater made of 100% beech wood fiber that is biodegradable*, 100% traceable, soft as cashmere and that saves over 3,300 L of water! Sounds awesome? There is more!

Save Water

A New Category of Clothes.

 We tried to find new and innovative materials that grow close to where we produce and use much less water, rather than relying on the usual polyester or cotton...

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Give Water

Made FOR Bangladesh.

Our Blue Sweater is dedicated to Bangladesh, the second largest exporter of garments – mainly fast fashion – suffering from severe water crises...

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Our Story

Why We Started

Our journey started with the movie “The True Cost” where our founder discovered that in order to produce one cotton t-shirt you need up to 2,700 L of water. Shocked by this figure, he started to look for a better solution, marking the beginning of an incredible journey with the aim to make a revolutionary textile and create a whole new category of clothes...

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Our Factories

100% Traceable.

From the fiber to the finished sweater we stay in Europe! Our fiber is fabricated in Austria by world leading manufacturer Lenzing. The spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing takes place in Northern Portugal.

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